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Red Angry Birds Swiss Roll

This is my first time ever to draw Red Angry Bird on top of my swiss roll, and it's my first hand drawing swiss roll special order too. I'm in cloud nine that the swiss roll tastes as nice as it should be, with the nice decoration which specially order by Zaliha's 3 lovely kids. Glad they all love it; this is the best ever gift for me. See her wonderful comments on my swiss rolls in my Hankerie Facebook's wall.

This is just the normal vanilla swiss roll with whipped first cream. Side view of these 3 Red Angry Birds, some of my friends commented on the center of Red Angry bird looks like Red Angry "Duck". I cant help to laugh!!


kok chuan said…
3D looks nicer ^.^
kok chuan said…
Anyway, I am sure it is pretty tough to draw on cakes...
Hankerie said…
@ BB: Yes, I think 3D one looks much nicer. It's indeed quite tough to draw on swiss roll with free-hand.