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Showing posts from December, 2012

Fresh Red Dragon Fruit Pandan Swiss Roll

Merry Belated Xmas! This is the late post after the Christmas. Would like to bake something fast, easy, simple and delicious for the guest. Suddenly remind me about the swiss roll :) I've combined Xmas colour into swiss roll - green and red without using …

Healthy Edible Christmas Tree

12 more days to go for Christmas. Time really flies. I still vividly remember that I was celebrating last year Christmas in Brisbane Australia, but I felt like it was only few months ago. The Christmas atmosphere in KL indeed differs from Australia, you basically can only feel th…

Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger Cake

I love making cakes that are a bit different but with cakes I always seem to revert back to my old favourites. I will always experiment with cupcakes, but cakes? No. Don't ask why, I think I just like the traditional choices and flavours such as chocolate or…