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Showing posts from May, 2013

Steamed Bao with Otak-otak and Luncheon Meat crabstick filling

This is my the other so called traditional steamed bao with the conventional round shape and pleads on top. The specialty of these bao is that using Otak-otak (- a cake made of fish meat and spices). It is widely known across Southeast Asia especially in Muar - Johor, …

Steamed Rose Buns

That's the longest ever that I did not get any chance to update my blog. Don't worry, I am back now. I was indeed extremely busy running shift for my RM12 mln project going live. Fortunately, all these were a success with my wonderful team's help. Special…

Hankerie's 2 days ON SALE (Assorted Macarons Silicon Mats)

#1 Round Macaron Silicon Mat (5 stocks left) Size 29cm (W) X 26cm (H) For 27 macarons at 2.5cm (inner diameter) and 4cm (outer diameter) Temperature -40 to 230 degrees Sale price: RM48.90/ USD16 To order: Send email or FB message To all Hanker…

Strawberry and Mandarin Orange Macarons

It has been quite a while since I last baked my macarons. If not mistaken, it was at Brisbane (Australia). Finally I decided to make my first batch of macaron in KL. I am just too tired to make the normal conventional shape of macarons. Out of sudden, strawberry spring…