Apple Peanut Rosy Tart

Best treats for Mother's day, show your rosy love to her!

Japanese Crystal Jelly Mooncake

4 key ingredients to make this exceptionally stunning look crystal Jelly Mooncake

Baked Rugby Mooncake (aka Kluang Mooncake)

First trial to bake this rugby-shaped Mooncake which is extremely famous at Kluang Johor.

Designer Koi Fish Snowskin Mooncake

A little, delectable and colourful koi fish mooncake appears to capture a lot of people's attention.

Bunny Mooncake

Bunny is always the animal who represent in Mid-Autumn Mooncake festival.

Designer Animal Mooncake

I'm making "out of tradition" mooncake whereby no Chinese or tradition pattern on top of the round flat mooncake.

Popular Mini Salad Jar

All the ingredients are served fresh, mix together with some greens, tomatoes and fruits.

Hankerie goes retail!

Hankerie has gone to next stage, selling all her bakes in public - Bangsar Shopping Complex for an event.

1st Runner up in AFC Foodie Face Off

Hankerie won as 1st runner up in Asian Food Channel (AFC) foodie face off competition.

Hankerie on Magazine!!!

Hankerie is honourbly being featured in one of the Malaysia's leading Food magazine this month. Grab yourself a copy in any of the Malaysia bookstore now.

Minion in Halloween series

Minions army wish you Happy Halloween!

Homemade Spring Onion Crab Stick Buns

Try these spring onions crab stick buns that contains onions buttery fragrance, a little bit of sweetness of crab stick in the middle, together with the slightly sweet, soft bun.

Fat and Round Minion Macarons

When Minions get ROUND and FAT!! These macarons are sandwiched with premium dark chocolate and white chocolate ganache. Slurpy!

Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pies

Loving this light and crispy, with a distinctly buttery flaky pastry as the main character of my whole chicken and mushroom pot pies.

Watermelon Swiss Roll

Watermelon as cake? Try out this creative swissroll.

Another ideas for your fondant Cupcakes

Angry Birds, Angry Pigs, Thomas and Friends, Cars....all these assorted cartoons are my source of ideas to custom make these into cupcakes for Lucas's birthday.

Steamed Rose Buns

Steamed Buns can be attractive too. Nice to see and nice to eat. Food for your eyes.

Steamed Bao with otak-otak and luncehon meat crabstick filling

The specialty of these bao is that using Otak-otak (- a cake made of fish meat and spices). This give you an unique savoury taste in the combination of soft and fluffy of bao's texture.

Happy Family Birthday Cake

This is the most challenging order thus far. Finishing the whole cake with all the necessary decorations within 6 hours. The most stressful part is to deliver the cake on 25th April evening, and I have limited  time decorate it.

I named this birthday cake as "Happy Family Birthday Cake", as the husband who wanted to give his wife surprise on this, specially requested to have 3 of them on the cake. As such, I started to draw the sketches for the design, how to make the whole cake looks cute and delicate. In my principles, I always would like my cake looks good but also taste good as well. See the cake below, the combination of Mocha Cake on top, middle layer is the chocolate fudge, and the Milo layer cake at the bottom.

Mum & daughter are intrigued by the cake. Kaelyn was so happy to point each of the detail on the cake, spelled words by words, colour by colour. See the middle of the model, she is in there.

Of course with the house, there's should be a garden as well. Instead of plain edge, I pipe the lavenders by using the purple colour butter cream and green butter cream.

Hankerie's freehand drawing, surround the cake with lavenders

See this little girl Kaelyn requested her mum that she wants to "sit on the table" in order to sit nearer to the birthday cake. Laugh out loud but feel touched in the same time though..

Flower Bouquet Red Velvet Cake

Is it someone’s birthday/wedding today again? Tell them to blow out all the candles on this fabulous white Flower Bouquet Red Velvet Cake and all of their wishes will come true! This adorable cake is created entirely from red velvet cake, topped with piped roses from cream cheese. It’s a dream of a birthday gift or wedding gift as well.

Speaking of this cake's idea, it came from a rose bouquet candle that I seen before. The craft of that particular is so delicate and inspired to make into a cake. Of course the white roses must match something which is really delicious. There goes for my top of the list - cream cheese and red velvet cake. 

Normally, I love my cake to be "Round & Bulky" instead of traditional round and flat. Sometimes, it's really difficult to achieve this result.

Hankerie's new invention - Flower Bouquet Red Velvet Cake

Strawberry Vanilla Cake

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to my hubby, Happy Birthday to you!"  Specially sang this birthday song to my hubby. This was his 1st birthday that I did not manage to celebrate beside him this year.  Hence, I decided to make an birthday cake specially for him, blow for him and eat for him as he is too far to reach this cake. What I can do was only send the photo to him, and until I go back to KL one day, make another real one for him. Apart from the cake, luckily my birthday gift already delivered to him beforehand.

Speaking of this birthday cake, I was in a layer-cake kind of mood recently, both making and eating, of course. One of my favourite layer cakes is Hokkaido Vanilla Cake: layers of  soft and spongy Hokkaido vanilla cake, and fresh strawberry, layered with fresh whipped cream. The flavours really work so well together, and I personally find it really unique and quite appealing, clean and clear, once sliced. What’s interesting, is that most people intrigued by the fresh strawberries as the cake toppings.

I love when a cake looks pretty traditional, simple and clean on the outside, but has an unexpected layered appearance on the inside. No matter how many cakes I make, I’m always secretly excited and eager to slice it and see what it looks like inside–particularly when it’s a multi-layerd cake, like this one even are 3 layers only. Such anticipation! 

Hankerie's special birthday cake for my hubby - Strawberry Vanilla Cake (Hokkaido)

I love to see the contrast of layers, but most importantly (always), it is really, truly a delight to eat. For each of your bite, the fresh cream blends so well with the freshness of strawberries and makes the cake even more moist and yummy.

Raspberries Cream Chocolate Cake

Almost end of summer in Australia, I felt lucky the produce selection that Australia provided.  First strawberries, and blueberries, cherries, peaches, nectarine, grapes and now raspberries. During my last visit to farmer's market, believe it or not, I bought 7 punnet of fresh raspberries and decided to keep in the freezer for my cake bakes. I was able to snag a great deal on raspberries with the farmers :) 

This round, I decided to make mine into a fresh raspberry whipped cream frosting for my chocolate cake.  It is so moist and chocolaty (and not to mention easy) -- I absolutely love it, that's why is my all time favourite cake.

Instead of making a traditional buttercream frosting, I decided to make this raspberry whipped cream as a sort of "summer" variation. I couldn't be more happy with the results as the combination of raspberries cream and chocolate taste.  The sweet raspberry whipped cream perfectly offset the dense semi-sweet chocolate cake.  I just love the pale pink frosting peeking out between the deep chocolate layers too.  Definitely go grab some raspberries and make this cake.  I am just looking for an excuse to make this again because mine was gone too quickly!

Hankerie's new creation - Raspberries Cream Chocolate Cake. Enjoy a slice.

Angry Birds & Angry Pigs Macarons

Believe it or not? It's Angry Birds and Pigs on Macarons. All edible!!! They're so adorable until I could not eat them, at the end of the day, I gave away these set of macarons to one of my Singapore friend's granddaughter in Australia here.

Her granddaughter is in cloud nine when receiving this set of macarons, and to my surprise she was seeking her grandfather permission to share these wonderful things with her school mates. How sweet is she! Good thing always good to share, undeniably.

Since last Christmas, I've had a break from baking any Angry Birds related bakes lately. In fact, I was starting to get a little sick of it and I don't want to bake up boring Angry Birds cupcakes again. Hence, thinking of how to draw Angry Birds on top of Macaron, what kind of things can be their parts of the face on macarons. Here you go, after my first experience on Easter Bunny macarons, I made these Angry Birds Macarons on a whim, and was incredibly happy with the results. Everybody just love these piece of arts :)

See my Angry Pigs macaron, not easy to draw their detail expression.

The usual 3 Green Pigs in the row.

Turn Coffee Art onto Triple Layered Cake

Recently I've turned my Coffee Latte art onto my 3-layered chocolate mousse cake into art piece. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate – try to resist these Triple Chocolate Mousse Cakes???

Always, I’ve faced countless temptations since beginning my “Sweet” journey into desserts but none have been as irresistible as this one.  The allure? – Three layers of sumptuous chocolate – Dark Chocolate Coffee Mousse Cake, Milk Chocolate Mousse and pillowy Milk Chocolate Mousse. Finishing with a layer of milk and dark chocolate combination, decor it with white chocolate. In fact, plenty of effort needed for whole cake, from start until the end. Indeed, the ingredients are pretty to easy to prepare.

Hankerie's new creation - Triple Chcolate Layered Mousse Cake with 4 different patterns

See the photo below of Kaelyn finishing these Triple Layered Mousse Cake happily. 

Crêpe Raspberries Cake

I love SUMMER!!! Summer = fruits season. Since I still have plenty of raspberries in my fridge, I've made some extra pastry cream with fresh raspberries. Thinking, what else I can match with my remaining raspberries pastry cream, hmmm, here you go - Crêpe Raspberries Layered Cake which I've been dying to make a crepe cake for ages - now I really have to realize it!!!! My brother always ask me last time, "Sis, do you know how to make crepes cake, it's so yummy but really expensive when you buy it outside too." Crêpe cake just my both brother and mum's favourite, finally, I did it - trial and error, research successfully. Hopefully I can make for them when I back home in future.

This Crêpe cake was insanely delicious. All of the components come together into a sweet, smooth, a little bit  sourish and delicious treat! While making the Crêpe don't be discouraged if you have a few failures or not thin enough, human cant be perfect. This makes quite a bit of batter, so you've got a lot of room for error. Try to keep your cool and have fun! I will think to make one but not hundreds of them :)

Hankerie's Crêpe Raspberries Cake (Top view)

Easter Bunny Macarons

Happy Easter everyone! Easter in Australia is a very big celebration over here, just like their new year. You may see everywhere fill with Easter bunnies, chocolate and hot cross buns.

For this year Easter, I purposely bake these Easter Bunny shaped Macarons for few of the friends here during our dinner yesterday. Why I chose Bunny? The bunny in Easter has long been associated with fertility, and have therefore been associated with spring and spring festivals. According to the history, the bunny as a symbol of Easter seems to have originated in Germany where it was first recorded in writings in the 16th century. The first edible Easter bunnies, made from sugared pastry, were made in Germany in the 19th century.
See my Easter Bunny Macarons with Easter Chocolate Bunnies & Eggs

See this little kid cant resist to eat bunny macarons, and she still willing to share "one bite" with Barry (the middle). In the end, she ate 1 bunny macaron & 1 Hello Kitty macaron - Being controlled by her mum.

Fig Swiss Roll

Fresh fig??? Never know what's the taste like, what I know is an ancient fruit much enjoyed by Cleopatra and Ulysses when I read those story book before. 

Basically, fig is a soft bell-shaped fruit with slightly wrinkled, leathery skin. They can be eaten fresh or dried. Their high sugar content puts figs among the sweetest of fruits. Each fig 'fruit' is actually an enclosed flower head containing many tiny flowers and seeds. 

After trying my first fig taste ice-cream during my Dubai trip, it inspired me to buy these new figs in Australia and incorporate into my bakes. Seriously speaking, whenever I see figs during shopping, I do not even think to buy them as firstly the price is too pricey (AUD17.90/kg) and also have the impression of its taste not nice base on their look.

Cut into half, brightest pink fruit flesh, incredible. A fresh fig tastes like a mix of a peach and a strawberry! 

It helps when eating a fresh fig to remember that you are eating a flower, not a fruit. 

Avocado & Passion Fruits Mousse Cake

Avocado + Passion fruits = ?? A lot of people wondering how weird is this combination, their first thought is how the taste will be?? In fact, nobody can imagine what's the taste like, so do I. That's the reason why, it always require new invention based on your own creativity. Sick of trying and eating the same old thing, nothing fancy.

After you seeing all these testimonials from my cake lovers, you will imagine how good, smooth and taste which blend really well. Even though this is my most expensive ever cake that I made, it worth so much after hearing those feedback and compliments. Expensive as all my raw ingredients that used for these cake are extremely expensive in Australia here. If you know me well, I always keep some avocado in my fridge here. :)

Thanks to Shayne for sharing the real video testimonial after eating this unique Avocado Passion Fruits Mousse Cake. Too bad Lisa is shy to facing the camera.

Hankerie's new creation - Avocado Passion Fruits Mousse Cake

For cake decoration, I am using what I had learnt previously - edible sugar flower (pink daisy). It's well blended into the natural light green colour cake. It represents the flower in the garden whereby the fencing made by lady finger biscuits.

Welcome to Hankerie!

Adding Life to Food.

All of our bakes are home-baked by using only the freshest ingredients. We have own creations and and decorate them by handmade with love and care. Feel free to contact us at for a detailed quote. Location only available at Sydney now.