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New creation - Red Dragon Fruit Chiffon Cake

Believe it or not? This super pinkish chiffon cake batter is made from pure red dragon fruit flesh without any food coloring. At first, I thought this colourful batter is different from my Blue Chiffon Cake, at the point when I added the blue pea flowers into the batter last time, the batter changed to "green" colour immediately. In the end, this new creation of red dragon fruit chiffon cake became orange colour blended with red dragon fruit seed after baked. Another disappointment.

Even this chiffon cake is not turning to the colour that I want, the taste still as soft as cotton. Frankly speaking, it's way better than the so called "Super soft Hokkaido Cake". Have a slice :)

I am submitting for my event "Natural Colour Event


Quay Po Cooks said…
The batter looks really pink but strange that when the cake is baked, you don't get the color you want but what is important is the cake texture is right. I am sure it taste fabulous.
Lala said…
Hi Han Ker,

Your "adventurous" spirit is admirable. Wow.. I wouldn't have thought of using dragonfruit. I'm sure the texture is good, and I like the idea it's all natural - no artifical coloring :)
Hankerie said…
@ Quay Po Cooks: Exactly what I surprised too. Yes, you're absolutely right. The most important thing is the right texture. :)

@ Lala: Thanks for the compliment. Indeed I love to try and invent new stuff. For own consumption, you always want to eat healthier. Hope you can invent more creative ideas too.
WendyinKK said…
Bakes with beetroot, dragon fruit will be the same, orangey.
It's due to the natural pigment- Betalain. Betalain turns orangey after baking, even I made steamed buns with beetroot, they turned orangey. But weirdly, angkoo kuih is fine. Still brightly pink. Maybe there's no wheat flour involved, only rice flour and glutinous rice flour.
Hankerie said…
@ Wendy: That's interesting facts! I believe if there is no egg involves in the recipe, the colour will remains. May I know if the ang ku kueh contains any egg?
Michael said…
Looks yummy would love to taste it
Warmly Mike The Eat Healthy Guy-)
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