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Calling all the Baking Enthusiasts

Sorry all, the opening is closed now before the due date. No more intake. For those who interested, act faster next time :) See you all during class! Confirmation email will be sent out to those confirmed attendees on nearer date.

To all my Hankerie's friends/fans who actually based at Miri, there is a good news for you now. I will host a one and only one baking session at Miri on 9th October 2011 per requested before I back to KL for good soon.

Anyway, talk about this exciting session, which includes:

1.) Japanese Bread loaf (Demo & explain do's and dont's)
2.) One of my favourite cupcakes recipe with frosting (Hands-on & piping guidelines)
3.) One of my easy made cookie (Hands-on)

Sign up now? I already has 5 participants who already confirmed their attendance immediately. In fact, it's indeed overwhelmed responses. The maximum participant that I can take is only 10. So hurry up, 5 more seats left. For more information, please kindly write personally to me at

This opening will be closed on this Friday 16th September 2011 (11.55pm).


Xal said…
the picture of you with the cookies is really lovely.... macam the cookies too!! :)... Xal here.
Hankerie said…
@ Xal: Thanks for your lovely compliments :)
Rachel Ng said…
I can't wait to get my hands on those dough on 9th Oct. :)
Hankerie said…
@ Rachel: Yes, I definitely looking forward for the session.