Hokkaido Cake

These airy and fluffy texture Hokkaido cakes are my first creation last week. Purposely baked these batch for my Singapore friends who I visited last weekend. To make these cakes last longer, I omitted the fresh cream inside the Hokkaido cake, they are just plain one. And of course I hope they really like it.

Do not deceive by its look, it is not muffin but actually a cake. For sure, I will bake another round with whip cream inside. I bet it will taste even better.


Yummy... this is a great stuff...

@ BB: Thanks. It still taste nice even after 3 days!!

@ Torviewtoronto: Thanks. Yes, it indeed as soft as cotton.

Don't deceived by it's look, this is just so tasty!!! i wish i had a bigger one!!!

@ JT: Ok, no problem. Next time I will bring more for u but I want big meal in SG. LOL

Hi hankarie,
if you do not mind, could you do a tutorial on this? I really want to bake them for my mummy

@Mcpiglet: Wow, what a lovely daughter. I will try my best if can to post the tutorial. Thanks for dropping by.

Hi, this looks really yummy...^^

Where do u get the vanilla powder?

Hi there, the chiffon cake looks really good!

Can you post your recipe with the cream filling? :)

Thanks in advance~~

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