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Showing posts from July, 2013

{For Sign-up} Hands-on Cooking Class on 24th August 2013

To all my Hankerie's fans, good news that I will conduct a hands-on cooking class in Malaysia per requested after so many years. This round, I am conducting the class together with Shannon Lim (Creator of Just As Delish ) at Shaury Spices Cooking Studio on coming 24th August 2…

Minion Macaron - specially designed by Hankerie

Everywhere is Minion's craze now. Minions are yellow, small, cylinder-shaped (some long, fat or short), genetically humanized kernels that have one or two eyes and are one of the most notable characters in the film of Despicable Me2 movie. Wonder whether is this movie in…

{Restaurant Review: SG} SushiAirways 寿司航空 Sushibar

Enjoying Sushi in the flight? What an unique concept to transform this idea into restaurant! I was honorably being invited to be part of lunch invitees and review the food in this Singapore restaurant. Thanks to Poesy and Kelly for the invitation. This concept resta…

Meeting Gordon Ramsay in Hawker Heroes cook-off (@Singapore)

"Gordon Ramsay!!!!" I'm extremely excited to meet Gordon Ramsay in person at Singapore. Believe it or not, I was purposely flew to Singapore this morning to meet him in person just now. He was invited specially from Singtel to accept Singapore's hawke…

{Round-up & Winners announced} Aspiring Bakers #32: World of Mousse Cake (June 2013)

"Hankerie's Raspberries Mousse Chocolate Cake" Here comes the Aspiring Bakers #32: World of Mousse Cake (June 2013) round up. Surprisingly, this month Aspiring baker entry submission is not as much as my previous hosted event.  Anyway see the round up for…

I'm 1st Runner-up winner at AFC Foodie Face Off 2013 result

Drum roll.... "1st runner up goes to Hoe Han Ker" Unbelievable I'm the 1st runner up for this first ever AFC foodie face off that recently held in KL on 29th June 2013 at the cooking house. This is also my 1st live cooking competition after my 2 years wr…