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Showing posts from May, 2012

Watermelon Swiss Roll

Watermelon as cake??? Have you seen this before? Yes, indeed they are just swiss roll cake but look like watermelon!! Hankerie came out of this idea - watermelon swiss roll. I will name it as "cakemelon". This creative idea inspired from the …

Hankerie's Flower Cupcakes

Daisy + Rose = ? Both are flowers, they looks absolutely gorgeous when decorating on top of the cupcakes. Apply the fresh raspberries chocolate cream on top of basic vanilla cupcakes by using my mum's traditional recipe. Finishing the flower edge by using raspberries, cov…

Garfield Macarons

Garfield always voted as my most loved cartoon character and he has always been a favourite of mine, so Garfield Macarons, these are specially made for sure. If you see my Garfield swiss roll before, you will understand how my loves towards Garfield since young. In my opinion, …

Teddy Bear Macarons

Woo hoo, another of my macaron's idea - Teddy bear macarons. Teddy bear always is the best friend of all girls, the best ever gift for any events. I've lost count how many teddy bear soft toys that I've before. The fond of teddy bear has made me to draw without any re…

It is NOT burger! It's burger MACARONS!

I have been always obsessed with the idea of other bakes that looks like a burger. I finally got around to making some just in time to celebrate the April's fool event, a typical look burger macarons. Yes, they're macarons, not the burger…