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Han Ker is the co-founder of Hankerie. She began baking since 8 years old with her mum, more after she started her blog - Hankerie ( since year 2011. She is currently having her full time professional project manager work in an International consulting firm. In year 2009, she started to venture F&B business and open a French Restaurant but unfortunately due to project assignment oversea, she pulled out the partnership of the restaurant.
She nonetheless continue her passion for baking and creating in the kitchen, and applies her own creativity for crafting out her own recipes. Her specialty are pastries and sweet treats, as well as bread – as evidenced by the goodies that come from her kitchen. Her overseas exposure has inspired her in most of the wonderful creative creation. Determined to make the products of her creative imagination a reality, Han Ker is a firm believer that nothing is impossible if you try enough times. Apart from that, Blog-hopping has inspired her, and she shares openly without a care for the jealous hoarding of information. She is unendingly curious and is always seeking out new recipes to try, a method she insists works great in keeping the brain juices flowing while at home. She is truly a home baker of substance, a blogger, and cook with plenty to offer. She has recently being featured in International magazine - Honest cooking, local food magazine (Nourish) and won as 1st runner up in Asian Food Channel (AFC) cooking competition held in KL on 29th June 2013. There are also couple of TV interviews specially done on her last year. She also being engaged by some big companies to create and develop the bakes recipes by using their product.

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