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Hello Kitty Mooncakes for Orphans

Orphans celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival too! We are actually blessed to celebrate with our family, but orphans do not  have this luck. Hence, I was thinking to make something for them in conjunction of this festive. Mooncakes, of course!!! It is a must to have it during Mid-Autumn Festival. This is my 3rd visit to Miri's orphanage (see my 1st & 2nd visit -"Handmade Cookies Specially for Orphans" and "Angry Bird Fever" ), all the kids already know me well.

They ran towards me and see what did I bake for them today! Some of them said:
"Oh, this 'Jie Jie' brought us our favorite Angry Bird Cupcakes last time one."
"Hello Kitty Mooncakes!! Yippee"
"Colourful Mooncakes!"
"Can I eat even I have sore throat??? (asking the care takers)

I have mix feelings during this visit especially. Happy as kids like my bakes every time; Sad as I'm leaving Miri for good end of next month soon, I do not know whether I have chance in the future to visit them again. Anyhow, I will treasure these 2 months time here, try to bake as much as I can for them and hope they really enjoy it.

This is indeed my first time to make mooncakes in my lifetime. I personally adore and prefer snow-skin moon cakes, especially pandan flavor mooncakes. I decided to make Hello Kitty Mooncakes as I believe kids do like Hello Kitty, perhaps not for boys ....For those who do not know what is Snow-skin moon cake (also called as ice-skin mooncakes), it is a kind of chilled non-baked mooncakes with sweet and chewy texture, which similar to mochi. It is first introduced in the market in early 1980s. Nowadays, it has 2 types of crust variation - glutinous rice or Jelly.

Below is my Hello Kitty Snow Skin Mooncakes recipe:
75g glutinous rice flour
90g powdered sugar
33g shortening
75g cold drinking water
Colorings of you choice
Lotus paste (Your own choice, you may use pandan flavour lotus paste or red-bean paste
Salted egg yolks (Optional, I omit this as I do not like it)

1. Sieve flour and powdered sugar
2. Add shortening and mix them untill you get crumb like texture
3. Add water, colouring, mix well until it forms a smooth dough
4. Make the fillings into ball shapes each 30g (inclusive of yolk if you using one)
5. Divide dough into small portion each 20g
6. Flatten dough to wrap up the fillings
7. Seal up dough to enclose filling completely
8. Press into mould and loosen the moon cake

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #11: Mid-Autumn Treats (September 2011) hosted by


Waileng Tan said…
I'm not a great fan on moon-cakes AND Hello Kitty. But yours look so beautiful. By the way do you know how to make the jelly moon-cakes? I've tried previously but not much success. I'm currently looking around for that "perfect" recipe...
Hankerie said…
@ Wai Leng: Personally I also do not like to eat mooncake especially those traditional one (with salted egg yolk). Jelly moon-cake, I do not like too as I rather to eat the whole jelly without filling. In my opinion, I just think that you need to put more gelatin powder to make it solid and stable, in the same time your filling should add on more liquid. Just my thoughts and perhaps you can try out.