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Showing posts from February, 2013

{Chinese New Year Cookies} Hankerie's famous Pineapple Tart

Time flies. Chinese New Year just past. All chinese were so busy celebrating this 15-days great event. For every Chinese New Year, my mum and I definitely will bake tones of pineapple tart without fails. In fact, pineapple is a symbolic of Chinese New Year, be it the auspi…

Valentine's Cheesy Love-shaped Bread Stick

Happy Belated Valentine Day 2013. This year Valentine day is indeed special as I was physically celebrating together with my husband physically at KL after 7 years of non-stop business travelling. And one more special thing was both of us made this Valentine cheesy love-shaped …

{Chinese New Year Cookies} "Quail Egg" CNY cookies?

Chinese New Year is around the corner. I've been so busy in baking pineapple tarts these few weekends, totally tied up with my work over the weekday as well. In fact, this was my last weekend to do last minute baking before Chinese New Year approaching. Believe it or…