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Showing posts from January, 2012

Angry Pigs Swiss Roll

After the long break, it's time to catch up with my blog. There are some time since my last baked swiss roll - Lazy fat cat Swiss roll that gotten pretty good response on that. Everybody just love it, from look to taste. Since my last conducted baking class, there are some students …

Colourful Fruity Cupcakes

My easiest and healthiest cupcakes for my breakfast. Believe it or not, I'm eating a cupcake a day every morning. Those colleagues are so surprised, said "isn't it cupcake serve during afternoon tea break or dessert after dinner?, "Sugar-high!", "Why do you s…

Homemade Pancakes

A pancake is a circular, flat and slightly sweet pastry item which often cover with maple syrup before eating. Pancakes are most commonly eaten at breakfast, though they can be eaten anytime of the day. I love my pancakes to be thick and fluffy instead of thin and silky like French crep…

Classic Tiramisu - Sweet Treat for CNY

Chinese New Year is around the corner. Thinking to make some special dessert for the family reunion dinner - tiramisu.  A classic Italian cake made with mascarpone cheese and lady fingers. This is a layered dessert which could be compared to an English Trifle. This classic tiramisu is…

Gift Sets Cupcakes

Dare to be different. I guess you never see this kind of cupcakes before, well this is the real blueberry Cupcakes. This idea came from one of my purchased mold in Australia here - gift set silicon mold. Originally my idea is to use this gift set mold for my mini cheese cake, now making…

{Result} Winner announced for White Xmas Challenge

Finally, we are announcing the winners of "White Xmas Challenge" ( judge of "White Xmas Challenge" ) in . It's the toughest jobs of all the judges to decide the 5 winners out of more than 70 recipes coming from all parts of the world on this  c…

Hankerie's Hawaiian Pizza - Made in OZ

In year 2011, I was focus too much on cakes. In the beginning of this year, I've taken on the new challenge to bake Pizza - first time in my life. That's my husband favorite too especially Hawaiian Pizza, he can eat almost 2 big 10-inch (25.5cm) pizza in one go. Gosh! In Austr…

New Year Eve's Feast with special dessert - Fresh Mango Pudding

Happy New Year 2012!! Hope everyone is having the great celebration past few days ago. Looking back, I would like to blog about my New Year eve's simple dinner with my husband and friends (Nicole's family) in Brisbane here. Indeed it's a splendid night, having dinner with …