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Showing posts from January, 2013

Traditional French Baguette

French baguettes are always my husband favorite as he prefers salty bread rather than sweet bread. And hence this is my determination to keep myself updated and improve in making bread area. Today, my baking chemistry is towards the chewy traditional bread, indeed the baguette…

Assorted Cartoon Fondant Cupcakes for Kids

Angry Birds, Angry Pigs, Thomas and Friends, Cars....all these assorted cartoons are my source of ideas to custom make these into cupcakes for Lucas's birthday - Lucas (my best friend's kid). In fact, cartoon cupcakes are the perfect way to celebrate a kid's bi…

2013 Hankerie Go Green Swiss Roll

Happy New Year 2013. Just a beginning for the new year, wish everybody plenty of luck in this year. With the love of go green concept, I incorporate the idea into my 1st year 2013 bakes - green tea swiss roll. Absolutely love the natural colour of green tea, despite of using…