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DIY Bunny Mochi Mooncake

Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner. For me, I prefer contemporary styles of mooncakes instead of traditional mooncakes. On top of that, I strongly believe that any creation should be created with its own unique creativity in order to be different.

Today I try the new creation with the mixture of mochi and snow skin mooncake recipe, and I call it Mochi Snow-skin Mooncake. :) Why this idea came about? In my opinion, it's quite difficult to roll the snow skin to the desired figure in the rolling and shaping process. Indeed this sounds complicated and tedious procedures, once you see the end product, it's absolutely worth it.

Below is my DIY Bunny Mochi Snow Skin Mooncakes recipe:
For mochi snow skin:
25 gm glutinous flour
25 gm rice flour
20 gm wheat flour
50 gm caster sugar
120 ml milk
20 ml vegetable oil
1/2 tsp strawberry jam to colour the bunny's inner ear part
Red beans (for decorating as eyes)

For filling
Ready made Black bean Paste (hei dou sa)

1. Mix glutinous flour, rice flour and wheat flour.
2. Add sugar and combine all ingredients.
3. Add on milk and vegetable oil. Stir and mix it completely.
4. Steam it for 15 minutes.
5. Leave it to luke warm and knead it until smooth.
6. Take a small portion of dough, mix it with strawberry jam for making inner ears.
7. Make black bean paste rounded and set aside.
8. Roll the white dough into round, wrap it with the filling and shape it into oval flat shape as the body.
9. Make the ear and mix with the step 6, paste it on the body.
10.Decorating the eyes by using red bean.
11.Put in the fridge and set.

Enjoy with a cup of TWG Emperor Sancha tea. :)


Waileng Tan said…
SO CUTE~! I think if you sell them it'll be a hit! But they are just too adorable to be eaten
Hankerie said…
@ Waileng: Tq, hope so. My friend always ask me "Why you girls like to eat adorable stuff?" LOL
Cheah said…
Your bunnies look very cute, yes too adorable to be eaten. Very original too!
Hankerie said…
@ Cheah: Thanks for your lovely comment. Indeed I love to create new creation. This one do not require any mooncake mold :)
ann low said…
These bunnies are so cute and pretty. You're very creative, Han Ker :)
Hankerie said…
@ Ann: Oh..thanks thanks. I'm not as creative as you yet :)
so cute! looks like the bunny pao at first..
Hankerie said…
@ Swee San: LOL, yes. I think the same too.
Hankerie said…
@ BB: Thanks. I've several orders on this already.
You are super talented.. i love food that's adorable too!
Hankerie said…
@ Shannon: Thank you for your great great great comment. Just love it.
kahling said…
The rabbit is so cute...who will able to eat it since it is so sweet ^^ ..good job, hanker..^^
Hankerie said…
@Kahling: Thanks :)
Yee Ling said…
Love the cute edible bunny!
Anonymous said…
Hi Hankerie,

The mochi looks so delicious. Do we need to add flour when we knead the dough because it's so sticky? If we do, what kind of flour?

Is the wheat flour the same as the wheat starch?

Hankerie said…
Hi Anonymous, the stickiness will vary in different condition and environment. If you find the dough is too sticky to handle, you can add on some wheat flour. The wheat flour and starch is different as starch do not have gluten in it. Hope this helps.