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Showing posts from October, 2014

Ang Ku Kueh for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Tomorrow is the Halloween Celebration Party, have you prepared yours party treats for your guest? Why not make this to impress your guest with this traditional ang ku kueh? This is not only tasty but also healthier version as well. The prepa…

Halloween Frankenstein

This is my 4th day NZ Zespri kiwi challenge. Today's challenge call it Fun learning, whereby I did learn on  Zespri Green kiwifruit fact.  At first, I really thought Kiwi is full of Vitamin C, but also it is  full of actinidin (an enzyme that helps with pr…

Pumpkin Toast with Express Kiwi Jam

This is my 2nd breakfast recipe of my Day 3 of NZ Zespri kiwi challenge. In fact, I're prepared the kiwi jam the day before and refrigerate it overnight. What it make this jam express in the sense of no cooking is required, you just need to mash the cut kiwi…

Healthy Kiwi Cereal for breakfast

For 3rd day kiwi challenge, I need to make my day with a kiwi-rific breakfast. With that in mind,  I've prepared 2 super fast Kiwi fruits recipe for breakfast today. This is the 1st recipe whereby every kids can prepare for their own breakfast too. Rather than e…

Choco Kiwi Mousse Cake

2nd day of my NZ Zespri kiwi challenge. Today's theme is "Perfect picture", Despite taking a selfie with kiwifruits, I also make my perfect picture recipe today - my favorite Choco Kiwi Mousse Cake, topping with fresh green kiwifruits. Tantalizing my…

Homemade Kiwifruits Banana Ice Cream (Healthy version)

Today is the day again. Still vividly remember my last year participation on NZ Zespri Kiwifruits 14 days challenges. Well, let me share with you my very first challenge recipe today - I call it healthy version of homemade kiwifruits Banana ice cream. Considering …