Apple Peanut Rosy Tart

Best treats for Mother's day, show your rosy love to her!

Japanese Crystal Jelly Mooncake

4 key ingredients to make this exceptionally stunning look crystal Jelly Mooncake

Baked Rugby Mooncake (aka Kluang Mooncake)

First trial to bake this rugby-shaped Mooncake which is extremely famous at Kluang Johor.

Designer Koi Fish Snowskin Mooncake

A little, delectable and colourful koi fish mooncake appears to capture a lot of people's attention.

Bunny Mooncake

Bunny is always the animal who represent in Mid-Autumn Mooncake festival.

Designer Animal Mooncake

I'm making "out of tradition" mooncake whereby no Chinese or tradition pattern on top of the round flat mooncake.

Popular Mini Salad Jar

All the ingredients are served fresh, mix together with some greens, tomatoes and fruits.

Hankerie goes retail!

Hankerie has gone to next stage, selling all her bakes in public - Bangsar Shopping Complex for an event.

1st Runner up in AFC Foodie Face Off

Hankerie won as 1st runner up in Asian Food Channel (AFC) foodie face off competition.

Hankerie on Magazine!!!

Hankerie is honourbly being featured in one of the Malaysia's leading Food magazine this month. Grab yourself a copy in any of the Malaysia bookstore now.

Minion in Halloween series

Minions army wish you Happy Halloween!

Homemade Spring Onion Crab Stick Buns

Try these spring onions crab stick buns that contains onions buttery fragrance, a little bit of sweetness of crab stick in the middle, together with the slightly sweet, soft bun.

Fat and Round Minion Macarons

When Minions get ROUND and FAT!! These macarons are sandwiched with premium dark chocolate and white chocolate ganache. Slurpy!

Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pies

Loving this light and crispy, with a distinctly buttery flaky pastry as the main character of my whole chicken and mushroom pot pies.

Watermelon Swiss Roll

Watermelon as cake? Try out this creative swissroll.

Another ideas for your fondant Cupcakes

Angry Birds, Angry Pigs, Thomas and Friends, Cars....all these assorted cartoons are my source of ideas to custom make these into cupcakes for Lucas's birthday.

Steamed Rose Buns

Steamed Buns can be attractive too. Nice to see and nice to eat. Food for your eyes.

Steamed Bao with otak-otak and luncehon meat crabstick filling

The specialty of these bao is that using Otak-otak (- a cake made of fish meat and spices). This give you an unique savoury taste in the combination of soft and fluffy of bao's texture.

3D Blue Blossom Swiss Roll

This is my last swiss roll post in the month. Always loving the idea to get the fresh organic stuff from the gardens straightaway instead of buying the artificial food coloring for decorating my swiss roll today.

I’ve always fond of the image of  blue pea flowers as they are organic and beautiful at the same time. It’s a strong and recognizable image among all the green leaves. In my house's garden, I can find plenty of blue pea flowers in those creeper plant growing around. So when I was wondering how to make blue color on my cake, I came up with this idea quickly. Using the blue pea flowers as my decoration on the swiss roll as well as using its color to dye my whipping cream inside-neath.

Ingredients & Method
Refer to my previous post titled "Vanilla Swiss Roll" with extra Blue pea flowers

Triangle Swiss Roll

Wonder why all the swiss roll must be rolled into round shape since it is invented. Dare to be different, I creatively roll it into TRIANGLE shape without any triangle mold's help. I admit that it is extremely difficult which makes the unsatisfactory result.

Lesson learnt: I should use the butter cream or icing sugar to coat the swiss roll surface. It makes my swiss roll full of my finger prints (melted due to the weather) when I'm trying to cut it into slices. Anyhow, delighted with this first attempt -  triangle shape of swiss roll, at least something different and unique.

For Hankerie: Something girly (Miow X3~~~)

Few more days to roll my swiss roll before July ends.. Tend to play with those natural colors as much as possible in the swiss roll with my own creativity. Well, today i plan to bake and contribute for my own website which almost reaching the 1 month anniversary. Thanks for my loyal followers and fans, your comments and constructive feedback really help me to grow further.

"Mad" about Macarons - Part 2

Here goes my second time of macarons baking. Learnt from my previous experiences, take note on how vital is the oven temperature is as well as the timing to let it dry out prior baking. Again, trying hard for my luck to make it a success, unfortunately it's yet to achieve the 100% success. It developed the small foot on the bottom of my macaron shells but still insufficient. See my chocolate flavour macarons below, anybody can give me the clue on why it still goes wrong?

"Mad" about Macarons

You might have noticed that I've grown quite fond of making French Pastries after came back from my Europe Honeymoon. This is Macarons part 1 because I haven’t actually achieved the perfect Macaron yet.  I’m determined I will, but until then I have to release my frustration in a blog post. Macarons are extremely difficult, be it the measurement, ingredients, timing or temperature. All closely related to each other. Difficult to get right, so if you can bake the perfect Macaron, you’re an awesome cook/chef in my eyes. I totally agreed that this pastry can really turns your hair white.  They make even well-experienced bakers scream in horror, believe me.

This is my 1st attempt to try out Macarons baking. From the beginning, it looks steady and nice, and I presume it will be a success until sending into oven and baked for 5 minutes. I still yet to see its feet to be developed, my heart sank from that moment on.

Cheese & Bacon Swirl Bun

I received a lovely note from one of my friend to request for the bread recipe of my first masterpiece of bread. Touched, and delighted to share with her on this 100% tested recipe.

With the knowledge of baking handknead bread, you can modify the toppings to suit your preferences and availability of ingredients.  For today, I topped the slightly sweet buns with a savoury topping of bacon and cheese. If you dislike sweet taste bun, you may reduce the sugar quantity and add on some salt instead.

As always, I also stuck to just making swirl buns today although the buns were flattened and folded a couple of times before being shaped into a ball and swirl. Sometimes, you will just bored eating loaf or round buns. It yields around a dozen of yummy cheese & bacon swirl buns

Snoopy lying on my Swiss Roll

I love the idea of swiss roll. Minimum ingredients, no complicated recipes needed after making it several times. Besides that, it only require 10 minutes baking time, be it dress it or not. It tastes superb in anyway. Play around with the flavours that I like as the choices are indeed unlimited. Today I made the choice for a healthier way to omit fattening whipping cream, and substitute it with my Paris's Natural Strawberry jam. For matching this red colour jam, I used green tea powder to make my Swiss roll body Green, which representing my Snoopy lying and relaxing on the field.

Ingredients & Method
Refer to previous post titled "Creative Strawberry Swiss Roll"

Hankerie's photostream On Flickr

Finally Hankerie is live with fresh looks!!! Join us @ Our facebook & Twitter.

"Mushroom Head" Milk Loaf

After posted so many sweet pastries blog entries, let's look at the bread making again. Today I really feel tired and lazy to write the long-winded blog. Sorry for keeping it short and sweet.

Here is my all time favourite - "Mushroom Head" Milk Loaf for breakfast. It is best served with jam or Nutella.

French Madeleine (Made in Malaysia)

I guess most of the Malaysian loves to eat our all-time favourite - "Kuih Bahulu" since young. It is a spongy and popular Malaysian little cakes, which made of mainly egg, sugar and flour. During my honeymoon to Europe last month, first time I tasted the delicious petite cakes in Paris which is so similar to this famous "Kuih Bahulu" ! Both has slightly different texture, crustiness and the after-taste.

I love how cute and tiny they are and just enough sweetness to satisfy my cravings. Madeline’s are Petite French cakes with distinctive shell shapes. Rich and buttery that are soft and moist with lightly crisped edge. Well, I'm thinking to make it coco or milo flavour next time. I guess it is the best companion for high tea and serve a cup of good coffee.

Teddy Bear on Swiss Roll?

Do you spot the teddy bear on the swiss roll? The ones you see below is how my swiss rolls have evolved as my decorating skills improved from time to time. More exciting design coming soon, I'm really so into it now. If you can dream/name it, I want to make it onto a swiss roll!!!

Creative Strawberry Swiss Roll

With knowing the basic on how to make the swiss roll, I am now taking the new challenge to decorate it. As I always believe that art can be combined in these bake or food too, I decided to draw strawberry on my baked strawberry flavour swiss roll.  It really springs my childhood memory - I LOVE drawing.....

Recipe adapted from this basic of making swiss roll

Vanilla Swiss Roll

I’ve always wanted to make some Swiss roll and just so happen came across this month aspiring baker's challenge - Swiss Roll. Hence, I taking up this challenge even I’ve been told Swiss rolls are hard to make especially the rolling part. It’ll be a challenge…or a disaster…This is one deliriously joy for my first attempt to make swiss roll: a light vanilla swiss roll with whipped cream. This is best eaten with coffee.

Cotton-like Chiffon Cake

What can I bake within 1 hour time??? Well, this kind of question always bothering me. Baking bread at least needs 4-5 hours (total baking & proofing time) but cake needs much shorter time. The best thing is I will have it for my rest of my days' breakfast. Generally, when talk about cake, you will think it is buttery and fattening but this little spongy chiffon cake has made me addicted to bake every week. The simple reason is chiffon cake do not contains any creaming of the fat and sugar because the fat is in liquid form (vegetable oil or you can substitute with olive oil. This moist and tender, light and airy cake that has the springy texture of a sponge cake. Chiffon cake below is my self-invented Pure Cadbury chocolate Chiffon Cake.

When West meets East - Potato Bread

Everybody loves to eat potato bread, so do I. When I stayed at New Zealand 3 years ago, I still remember how delicious of this potato with chives bread. As such, for my second attempt of handmade bread, I tried out one of the recipe from a European bread baking book. Below is the west style of potato bread's original recipe and of course I changed the style & shape of the bread based on my own creativity and liking. That's my whole idea of baking my own bread :).


My first Masterpiece of Bread

Well, it's quite some time ago when I did my first masterpiece of bread. Indeed, it turns out quite well unexpectedly. Before trying this out, I always have the impression on how difficult to bake a bread, so do my mum's says. She always told me that bread is the most difficult stuff to bake, be it time & effort wasted or the success rate is always low  (if compare to cookies or cakes) , needless to say some more I'm using hand knead method. And the result will explain all that soon.....

Along my baking journey especially for bread, kneading is the most important part of bread making. It helps the bread rise and achieve the fluffy texture. Kneading develops the flour’s gluten, or protein, into long, stretchy strings with yeast helps. If don’t knead enough then the bread will be too dense. If knead too much then the gluten will get too tough which will make the bread tough. The most wonderful thing is bake your own bread with the healthiest ingredients (no any softener or bread improver), see it proof and see the results until the end. This special feeling indirectly give me more courage and determination to try out more. In my experience, practice really can makes perfect. The more time you do, the better bread it will turn to be.

Mum's Cookies

Yesterday received some of the queries on the cookies ingredient. Below are the brief explanations on each of the item. Next batch will be delivered on next Monday, place your order now.

DecriptionProduct ImageMain Ingredient
Pineapple Tart consists of Home-made Pineapple Jam
Germany Cookies consists of Cashew Nuts
Green Pea Cookies consists of Green Pea Powder
Chocolate Cookies consists of Coco Powder + Chocolate 

Like mother, Like daughter

It was after moved to another apartment in Miri when I realized that I still have a passion in baking. The good oven and the good kitchen inspired me again for baking enthusiasm. This realization occurred when I started baking first bread for my husband during one of the weekend. I became so engrossed to learn more that I searched for more of my mum's recipes and baking tips, and I even buy some of the professional baking books just to gather more tips for baking's chemistry. For me, I believe that baking is not just follow the recipe blindly, it's all about it's chemistry.

Mum & II grew up eating my mom's home baked pastries such as cakes & cookies. Eating her pineapple tart is really rewarding especially during every Chinese New Year. During each of CNY, there are sure return customers to place order for the cookies. My mum is very particular to use the best quality ingredients to bake all her cookies, that's the wonderful part of home baked cookies. I still remember during my school time, I even helped my mum to bake the cookies for whole few weeks just before CNY. That's where I learn the baking basic from her during my younger days. If you're still staying at Batu Pahat, you're indeed lucky. (Free delivery within Batu Pahat City). Refer to Shop page, you may place order anytime now.

Welcome to Hankerie!

Adding Life to Food.

All of our bakes are home-baked by using only the freshest ingredients. We have own creations and and decorate them by handmade with love and care. Feel free to contact us at for a detailed quote. Location only available at Sydney now.