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Showing posts from June, 2012

Buttery Raisin Scones

It has been a while since my last baked scones, vividly remembered it was my first baking class which conducted in Miri last year. How time flies, almost a year!!! I love scones as the buttery smell came from a little bit cookies crunch outside wit…

Coffee Roasting by Hankerie

Yahoo...Hankerie is now an Australian certified coffee roaster. Coffee always my passion comes after my bakes. Of course, a good quality cup of coffee is essential to match any of my cakes. Else, the taste definitely cannot be heavenly taste combined…

Macarons for CEO Sleepout Fund Raising

This was my 2nd Australia charity event to help the homeless people whereby it was a bit different in the way that help CEO to raise fund in conjunction of CEO sleepout event. You might be wondering what's this CEO sleepout event? In fact, these Brisbane bosses voluntaril…

Healthy Banana Bread

Banana bread is not quite bread and not quite a cake, but is still delicious! Especially it serves together with a cup of hot brewed cuppucino. What a perfect match for breakfast! In fact, for me - Banana bread is maths. Well, trying to make healt…