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Kiwi Coulis for Dessert

Today is 9th day of Kiwi Challenge day and absolutely is my favourite day as it is DESSERT theme. Gosh, I wanna show a lot of my masterpiece on my kiwi Dessert today! Since I'm making a lot of dessert today, im going to make kiwi coulis to serve my dessert.

According to Wikipedia, a coulis (/kuːˈliː/ koo-LEE; French, from Old French couleis, from Vulgar Latin cōlāticus, from Latin cōlātus, past participle of cōlāre, to strain) is a form of thick sauce made from puréed and strained vegetables or fruits.

It may sound fancy, but a coulis is actually easy to make. These intense fruity sauces are ideal to pair with desserts or drizzle over your favourite ice cream. My hero of today is the green tangy sourish kiwifruits. Amazingly simple to make, kiwi coulis takes so many desserts to another level for an incomparable treat. 

Here is my Hankerie's recipe on this Homemade Kiwifruits coulis for Dessert

1 Zespri super ripe green Kiwifruits
1 TBSP caster sugar
2 scope of vanilla ice cream
Few fresh mangoes (cut into cubes)

  1. Peel kiwifruits and mashed it with fork into puree. If may also use blender to blend into puree, but remember do not over crush the kiwi seed as you will feel tart taste.
  2. Sprinkle and mix with caster sugar.
  3. Serve immediately with vanilla ice cream and fresh mangoes.
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