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Kiwifruits Ideas Recipe Collection 2014

Yahoo! Completing my 14 days Zespri Kiwi challenge 2014. It indeed a "Fruitful" challenge and fun way to complete my 14 days challenge with plenty of my own creation 21 recipes. Enjoy these healthy, and some of the gluten-free/Paleo recipe for a better eating lifestyle.

Also, I've made a short video clip in YouTube. Feel free to follow all my recipe below, all about Kiwi! Do follow us in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest too!

Enjoy all these recipes. Eat better and healthier way! 

  1. Day 1 : Homemade Kiwifruits Banana Ice Cream (Healthy version) (
  2. Day 2 : Choco Kiwi Mousse Cake (
  3. Day 3a : Healthy Kiwi Cereal for Breakfast (
  4. Day 3b: Pumpkin Toast with Express Kiwi Jam (
  5. Day 4 : Halloween Frankeinstein (
  6. Day 5 : Improvise Penang Asam Laksa with Kiwifruits (
  7. Day 6: Popular Mini Salad Jar (
  8. Day 7: Homemade Rojak (
  9. Day 8 : Healthy and Colourful Yogurt Parfait (
  10. Day 9a : Kiwi Coulis for dessert (
  11. Day 9b: Kiwi and Strawberry Cream Puff (
  12. Day 9c: Mini Kiwi Popsicle for party (
  13. Day 9d: Kiwi Mochi (
  14. Day 10: Mini Kiwi Cupcakes (
  15. Day 11: Homemade Kiwi Sushi (
  16. Day 12: Kiwi Ball Dessert (
  17. Day 13a: Homemade Kiwi Jam (
  18. Day 13b: Homemade French Toast with Kiwi Jam (
  19. Day 14a: Traffic Light Salad (
  20. Day 14b: Kiwi Butter Cake (
  21. Day 14c: Homemade Popiah (Spring roll) with Kiwi (

Since following me for 14-days kiwi challenge, now is your turn to win some prize from Zespri. Click on the link below to win the daily prizes.