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The Baker App: The Only App You’ll Need

Nowadays, many bakers use their phones as a tool in the kitchen, and it’s gotten to the point where it’s becoming indispensible. Just this month, celebrity chef Tyler Florence has gone around saying that his Blackberry Passport is the key to his success. Collaborative Cooking has also invented a Cooking Machine that lets chefs prepare meals by controlling the machine with their phones! We could all be enjoying these amazing technological advancements in the future, but we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. 

Right now, that smartphone in your hand could still do more than serve as a tool for taking photographs of your delicious creations. Gaming Realms, owners and operators of Spin Genie, have stated that “There were an estimated 1 billion Smartphone users at the end of 2012, representing 17% of total mobile users”. This number has risen to nearly 1.75 billion, prompting developers to create some excellent apps for use in the kitchen. The Baker App is one such app, delivering exactly what it advertises: “Beautifully designed, with practicality in mind, it is created by people with a passion for serious baking. Basing everything on the Bakers’ Percentage format that any good baker swears by, it can be used in any type of kitchen, no matter how busy or messy, and is adaptable to the needs of anyone from a beginner to a master.”


The app is truly versatile, and it can be used by just about anyone in the world. The app lets users create and save recipes in measurements they like, download premade recipes from some of the world’s greatest chefs, and adjust recipes to make room for specialized diets. If you’ve ever found yourself having to scale down large-quantity recipes for home use, this is the app for you.

Most importantly, this app is completely free, “because everyone should be free to bake.” Do you use any other apps when you bake?