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Kiwi Mochi

Day 10 of Kiwi Challenge today. Mission today is to share about my favourite moment with these little brown hairy fruits. Of course, my favourite + passion = baking with them. Today, I made something different, the dessert that absolutely look like them, but also their taste also quite similiar. They are kiwi mochi,

According to Fugetso-do, "Mochi is a Japanese confection, found usually in the shape of a small, round rice cake which can be eaten with condiments such as kinako (roastedsoy bean flour), manju (sweet red bean paste), soy sauce dip, and seaweed." I improvised them into kiwi mochi.

Believe me, all you see from my mochi photo here, all are edible. The whole combination of the taste and texture simply fantastic. All these are steamed rather than bake. Enjoy the pretty dessert with your eyes first. Before cutting the mochi, I've tried to roll the shape that look like the real physical kiwifruits first.

For this recipe, please wait for my publish e-books later. I will announce once done.
If you're my new followers, you may click this link "Hankerie's Kiwi project went live & 1st VBlog!!!"  to see my last year 14 days challenge recipes. Stay tune for more next few days.