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Mum's Cookies

Yesterday received some of the queries on the cookies ingredient. Below are the brief explanations on each of the item. Next batch will be delivered on next Monday, place your order now.

DecriptionProduct ImageMain Ingredient
Pineapple Tart consists of Home-made Pineapple Jam
Germany Cookies consists of Cashew Nuts
Green Pea Cookies consists of Green Pea Powder
Chocolate Cookies consists of Coco Powder + Chocolate 


Anonymous said…
Aaaahh... gonna miss HK's pineapple tart in the future :( One of the nicest pineapple tart I've ever tasted! - Liz
Hankerie said…
@ Liz- No worry. You may order or get it whenever you come to KL in future. Just drop me call.