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My first Masterpiece of Bread

Well, it's quite some time ago when I did my first masterpiece of bread. Indeed, it turns out quite well unexpectedly. Before trying this out, I always have the impression on how difficult to bake a bread, so do my mum's says. She always told me that bread is the most difficult stuff to bake, be it time & effort wasted or the success rate is always low  (if compare to cookies or cakes) , needless to say some more I'm using hand knead method. And the result will explain all that soon.....

Along my baking journey especially for bread, kneading is the most important part of bread making. It helps the bread rise and achieve the fluffy texture. Kneading develops the flour’s gluten, or protein, into long, stretchy strings with yeast helps. If don’t knead enough then the bread will be too dense. If knead too much then the gluten will get too tough which will make the bread tough. The most wonderful thing is bake your own bread with the healthiest ingredients (no any softener or bread improver), see it proof and see the results until the end. This special feeling indirectly give me more courage and determination to try out more. In my experience, practice really can makes perfect. The more time you do, the better bread it will turn to be.

These sweet hearty dinner rolls are easy and quick to prepare. Also, it's calories is extremely low as no butter contains in it. Of course, they are at their best while still warm from the oven. For a lighter, fluffier version you can replace the whole wheat flour with all-purpose flour.

If you would like to learn more about this dinner roll (get the 100% tested recipe with the ingredients' percentage, step-by-step method or join any baking class), just feel free to drop me an email at