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"Mad" about Macarons

You might have noticed that I've grown quite fond of making French Pastries after came back from my Europe Honeymoon. This is Macarons part 1 because I haven’t actually achieved the perfect Macaron yet.  I’m determined I will, but until then I have to release my frustration in a blog post. Macarons are extremely difficult, be it the measurement, ingredients, timing or temperature. All closely related to each other. Difficult to get right, so if you can bake the perfect Macaron, you’re an awesome cook/chef in my eyes. I totally agreed that this pastry can really turns your hair white.  They make even well-experienced bakers scream in horror, believe me.

This is my 1st attempt to try out Macarons baking. From the beginning, it looks steady and nice, and I presume it will be a success until sending into oven and baked for 5 minutes. I still yet to see its feet to be developed, my heart sank from that moment on.

I have made a classic meringue beforehand, to perfection, so couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get the meringue for the Macaron to work. Why, oh why was I failing for my first attempt to develop its feet. :(
Mix feeling for now, mad (crazy) or mad (angry) on this macaron?