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Cotton-like Chiffon Cake

What can I bake within 1 hour time??? Well, this kind of question always bothering me. Baking bread at least needs 4-5 hours (total baking & proofing time) but cake needs much shorter time. The best thing is I will have it for my rest of my days' breakfast. Generally, when talk about cake, you will think it is buttery and fattening but this little spongy chiffon cake has made me addicted to bake every week. The simple reason is chiffon cake do not contains any creaming of the fat and sugar because the fat is in liquid form (vegetable oil or you can substitute with olive oil. This moist and tender, light and airy cake that has the springy texture of a sponge cake. Chiffon cake below is my self-invented Pure Cadbury chocolate Chiffon Cake.

There are several useful tools for baking successful chiffon cakes despite relies on the whipped egg whites correct method. Description of the picture from left to right as below:

  1. The removable chiffon cake tube pan (20cm in diameter suitable for 3-4 eggs recipe), central tube assured the even distribution of heat to the batter, resulting in cakes that cooked more quickly.

  2. Non-sticky chiffon cake huge tube pan 26cm in diameter (depends on your batter percentage , normally use for 5 eggs and above recipe)

  1. Cake tester to draw any line above your chiffon cake batter before baking or you may use it to test whether the cake is ready after baked.

  2. Small spatula to remove it smoothly from chiffon cake tube pan. I found it is the vital tool.

If you find any difficulties to find these baking tools/molds above, I can help you to place order and send over to you. Just drop me the email to or click on this Shop page for more details.

Baking have become one of my favorite hobbies, specially to destress after a hectic day. Don't believe me? Give it a try.

Chiffon cake history: (Excerpted from
The chiffon cake was invented in 1927 by Harry Baker, a California insurance salesman turned caterer. Mr. Baker kept the recipe secret for 20 years until he sold it to General Mills. At this point the name was changed to "chiffon cake" and a set of 14 recipes and variations was released to the public in a Betty Crocker pamphlet published in 1948.[1]


Joshi said…
hi hankerie, how come you didn't share the recipe and steps to make the cake
Hankerie said…
@ Joshi: Hi, thanks for dropping by. So sorry to tell you that my chiffon cake is only for sell or teaching in the baking class only.