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Fig Swiss Roll

Fresh fig??? Never know what's the taste like, what I know is an ancient fruit much enjoyed by Cleopatra and Ulysses when I read those story book before. 

Basically, fig is a soft bell-shaped fruit with slightly wrinkled, leathery skin. They can be eaten fresh or dried. Their high sugar content puts figs among the sweetest of fruits. Each fig 'fruit' is actually an enclosed flower head containing many tiny flowers and seeds. 

After trying my first fig taste ice-cream during my Dubai trip, it inspired me to buy these new figs in Australia and incorporate into my bakes. Seriously speaking, whenever I see figs during shopping, I do not even think to buy them as firstly the price is too pricey (AUD17.90/kg) and also have the impression of its taste not nice base on their look.

Cut into half, brightest pink fruit flesh, incredible. A fresh fig tastes like a mix of a peach and a strawberry! 

It helps when eating a fresh fig to remember that you are eating a flower, not a fruit. 

Hankerie's fig swiss roll:

Do not deceive by the look, it is totally edible fig swiss roll. After baked these fresh fig, the skin become so tender and juicy. 
I'm submitting this Fig Swiss Roll for 


Sherleen.T said…
the fig looks like a drawing art on the swiss roll, very beautiful...:)
Hankerie said…
@ Sherleen: Yes, that's my intention. Fig looks like the drawing naturally. Thanks.
Thank you for your contribution to April Fool Challenge!! Francy