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Happy Family Birthday Cake

This is the most challenging order thus far. Finishing the whole cake with all the necessary decorations within 6 hours. The most stressful part is to deliver the cake on 25th April evening, and I have limited  time decorate it.

I named this birthday cake as "Happy Family Birthday Cake", as the husband who wanted to give his wife surprise on this, specially requested to have 3 of them on the cake. As such, I started to draw the sketches for the design, how to make the whole cake looks cute and delicate. In my principles, I always would like my cake looks good but also taste good as well. See the cake below, the combination of Mocha Cake on top, middle layer is the chocolate fudge, and the Milo layer cake at the bottom.

Mum & daughter are intrigued by the cake. Kaelyn was so happy to point each of the detail on the cake, spelled words by words, colour by colour. See the middle of the model, she is in there.

Of course with the house, there's should be a garden as well. Instead of plain edge, I pipe the lavenders by using the purple colour butter cream and green butter cream.

Hankerie's freehand drawing, surround the cake with lavenders

See this little girl Kaelyn requested her mum that she wants to "sit on the table" in order to sit nearer to the birthday cake. Laugh out loud but feel touched in the same time though..

Take closer look on this fondant cake. I wrote the "Happy Birthday" tagline as well.