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Strawberry Vanilla Cake

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to my hubby, Happy Birthday to you!"  Specially sang this birthday song to my hubby. This was his 1st birthday that I did not manage to celebrate beside him this year.  Hence, I decided to make an birthday cake specially for him, blow for him and eat for him as he is too far to reach this cake. What I can do was only send the photo to him, and until I go back to KL one day, make another real one for him. Apart from the cake, luckily my birthday gift already delivered to him beforehand.

Speaking of this birthday cake, I was in a layer-cake kind of mood recently, both making and eating, of course. One of my favourite layer cakes is Hokkaido Vanilla Cake: layers of  soft and spongy Hokkaido vanilla cake, and fresh strawberry, layered with fresh whipped cream. The flavours really work so well together, and I personally find it really unique and quite appealing, clean and clear, once sliced. What’s interesting, is that most people intrigued by the fresh strawberries as the cake toppings.

I love when a cake looks pretty traditional, simple and clean on the outside, but has an unexpected layered appearance on the inside. No matter how many cakes I make, I’m always secretly excited and eager to slice it and see what it looks like inside–particularly when it’s a multi-layerd cake, like this one even are 3 layers only. Such anticipation! 

Hankerie's special birthday cake for my hubby - Strawberry Vanilla Cake (Hokkaido)

I love to see the contrast of layers, but most importantly (always), it is really, truly a delight to eat. For each of your bite, the fresh cream blends so well with the freshness of strawberries and makes the cake even more moist and yummy.

Hankerie's Strawberry Vanilla Cake recipe:
8cm round vanilla Hokkaido cakes
1 cup fresh whipping cream
1TBSP caster sugar
1 heaping cup fresh strawberries to decorate

Whip the cream and sugar in a freestanding electric mixer with a whisk attachment and beat until firm but not stiff.  Spread half of the whipped cream on one of the cake layers, spreading around  Place the other cake layer on top and top with the remaining whipped cream.  Garnish with fresh strawberries as desired.

I'm submitting this Raspberries Cream Chocolate Cake for 


Anonymous said…
This looks so soft and delicious! I do need to try the Hokkaido cake! Thanks for your submission!