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Avocado & Passion Fruits Mousse Cake

Avocado + Passion fruits = ?? A lot of people wondering how weird is this combination, their first thought is how the taste will be?? In fact, nobody can imagine what's the taste like, so do I. That's the reason why, it always require new invention based on your own creativity. Sick of trying and eating the same old thing, nothing fancy.

After you seeing all these testimonials from my cake lovers, you will imagine how good, smooth and taste which blend really well. Even though this is my most expensive ever cake that I made, it worth so much after hearing those feedback and compliments. Expensive as all my raw ingredients that used for these cake are extremely expensive in Australia here. If you know me well, I always keep some avocado in my fridge here. :)

Thanks to Shayne for sharing the real video testimonial after eating this unique Avocado Passion Fruits Mousse Cake. Too bad Lisa is shy to facing the camera.

Hankerie's new creation - Avocado Passion Fruits Mousse Cake

For cake decoration, I am using what I had learnt previously - edible sugar flower (pink daisy). It's well blended into the natural light green colour cake. It represents the flower in the garden whereby the fencing made by lady finger biscuits.

Hankerie's avocado passion fruits mousse cake recipe:

Refer to my previous post - {Be my Valentine} Heart-shaped Strawberry Mousse Cakesubstitute the fresh strawberry with 1 & half fresh avocado, 2 big passion fruits pulps.

Something to improve on, I will suggest to filter out all the passion fruits seed from the cake.

I'm submitting this Avocado Passion Fruits Mousse Cake for 


Torviewtoronto said…
lovely post and cake
Hankerie said…
@ Torviewtoronto: Thanks, dear. Believe it or not, I almost ate 3 quarter of the cake by myself in a week.
Bo said…
I love the color! So it didn't turn all brown and icky like a cut avocado does?
Hankerie said…
@Bo: Hi, yes actually it does. There is a trick here. When avocado meets something sourish, it will stay its colour as green. I've tried to use lemon juice before, but the colour only will stay green for few days. The best combination that I found out during my experimentation is the passion fruit, it stays pure light green without turning into brownish up to 1 week.
Zoe said…
This passion-fruit and avocado combination in cake is very interesting. You did a great job maintaining the beautiful colour of avocado very well. Agree with Bo that I find that avocado turn brown very easily especially on just the next day.
I like avocado in cakes and ice cream too :) Very cute how you have testimonials too!
Hankerie said…
@Zoe: Thanks Zoe. You should try out by using sourness of the passion fruit to maintain avocado's greens. Surprisingly it works much better than just the lemon juice.
Hankerie said…
@ Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella: Thanks for dropping by. I'm your new great fan. :)
Interesting! Thanks for entering.
Interesting! Thanks for entering the contest.
Sammie said…
what a beautiful and unique cake! looking forward to more of your lovely creations!
Hankerie said…
Thanks, Sammie.