Forever Friends Xmas Swiss Roll

Forever Friends!! I guess most of the girls will know it for sure. I'm a bit surprised some of the Australians do not know what's Forever Friends. Anyway, this is my first time to make Forever Friends icing figure. It took me about 2 hours to finish the whole bear, indeed quite challenging especially making its facial expression. Thank God  when I first shown to my friends, they do recognized "It's Forever Friends" (not just the normal teddy bear).

Specially dedicated this swiss roll to Anthea & her family who will pay her a visit to Brisbane tomorrow for this Xmas.

Here is some of the Forever Friends' history,
"In 1987, artist Deborah Jones drew the first ever Forever Friends bear in her sketchbook. She approached Bath, Somerset based greeting cards publishers Andrew Brownsword, who agreed to release the bear design as a greeting card. "

This is the "naked" version of my Forever Friends - the process of making....

I am submitting for my own event. Hope to see your participation soon in Aspiring Bakes #14 Creative Xmas bakes :)


@ Torviewtoronto: Thanks. Wish you happy holidays too.

Nice keep up the great work.

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