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Christmas Cake Pops: Holiday cheers on a Stick

1 more week to go for Christmas. It's only matters of time now to prepare all the Christmas bakes. Cake pops — crumbled cake and frosting creamed together, chilled, then dipped into colorful candy melt and decorated. They are the fantastic idea for the Christmas party as people love that they don't have to make a huge commitment. Just a few bites and you've satisfied your urge for something sweet in the party. In terms of the preparation effort, cake pops indeed consume plenty of time.

In the Christmas party, you may expect cutesy pops shaped like a Santa hat to be this season's must-have treats.

Give it a bite & you can see what's inside my cake pop - the moist chocolate cake.

For cake pop lovers, you may refer to my previous cake pops posts - Angry Birds Cake PopHalloween Pumpkin Cake Pops.

I am submitting for my own event. Hope to see your participation soon in Aspiring Bakes #14 Creative Xmas bakes :)


Alice said…
cake pops! my kids favorite!
the cake inside look so yummy my kids will beg me to bake this if they see this :)
Hankerie said…
@ Alice: Oh is it? I wonder why all the kids really like cake pops. Let me know when you're baking yours. :)