Xmas Cupcakes

"Oh no, few more days to Christmas"!! In Australia, Christmas & New Year are really big celebration over here. Believe it or not, there is a Christmas Parade happening every night here.

Back to topic, I've specially designed these Xmas Cupcakes for order. You may notice one of my Hankerie's mascot is one of it too! The pink Hankerie! See my Xmas Cupcakes tower that I built up too below:

These cupcakes are blueberry yogurt cupcakes which decorated using handmade fondant icing as well as nutella jam for the Reindeer. See few more Xmas bake posts in the couple of days later. Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

I am submitting for my own event. Hope to see your participation soon in Aspiring Bakes #14 Creative Xmas bakes :)


Hi Hankerie,
Love your super cute cupcakes!

Welcome to Hankerie!

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All of our bakes are home-baked by using only the freshest ingredients. We have own creations and and decorate them by handmade with love and care. Feel free to contact us at hanker@hankerie.com for a detailed quote. Location only available at Sydney now.