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The Smurfs Return...

Followed by my previous cupcakes post (titled "Angry Bird Fever"), I've made another theme of the cupcakes in conjunction of "The Smurfs" movie which will be released in cinema on 1st September 2011.

Why this Smurfs idea came into my mind despite of the movie, it was actually memorable moments during my  Europe honeymoon trip few months ago, my husband and I went to BELGIUM - where the Smurfs origin from!!! I do not know that beforehand until we were there, what a great surprise! Since then, I only know the first Smurfs classic song was in Belgium language actually instead of English language.

In my childhood, the Smurf is my favorite classic cartoon series, those little blue creatures that live in mushroom houses in a forest inhabited mainly by their own kind and they love to eat sarsaparilla leaves. Seriously, I still do now know what is sarsaparilla leaves until now. The smurfs and villains characters are too many in the movie and its me, they all look the same except the Papa Smurf and Smurfette (female Smurf)!! Due to the limitation of time, I only managed to made 2 smurfs and 1 of their miniature home.

Hefty Smurfs – He has incredible strength to do all the hard work in the village.

Brainy Smurf – The most intelligent smurf, the papa smurf's assistant too. My brother-in-law claims that he looked like him!! LOL!

Mushrooms + flowers = Smurfs' village.

About "The Smurfs" movie summary (extraction)
While on a mission to retrieve one final ingredient for Papa Smurf's potion, Clumsy Smurf accidentally falls into the Cave of Wonders, a magical portal which transports him from Smurf Village into the modern world mistaken for a toy, Clumsy is taken to New Jersey where he befriends a new family. Meanwhile, back at the Smurf Village, everyone is up in arms over Clumsy's disappearance. The Smurfs rush to concoct a plan to bring Clumsy home and simultaneously avoid the devious wizard, Gargamel that is always plotting to capture the Smurfs. For the movie trailer, visit here.


ann low said…
Hi Han Ker, Those cupcakes look so cute. Love it!
Hankerie said…
Thanks, Ann. Indeed, it's fun to recall your childhood memories :)
Zoe said…
You are so clever with these figurines. They are so cute! I watch a lot of Smurf cartoon when I was young too.
kok chuan said…
Going to be another hit when the movie starts showing in cinema...
Hankerie said…
@ Zoe: Thanks my dear. I'm looking forward for the movie soon.

@ BB: Yeah, most of my friends love it but they want to see papa smurf :P
Anonymous said…
Awww... smurf cupcakes. How cute!
JT said…
U can be a very good story teller to ur kids next time.
Torviewtoronto said…
cute smurfs creative :)
Hankerie said…
@ Ellie & Torviewtoronto: Thanks dearies. If the Smurfs with whole body, they might look cuter.

@ JT: I hope so.
CutiiPromoRO said…
I love those cupcakes. I am your newest follower.
Hankerie said…
@Elenareviews: Thanks for dropping by and following me through.