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Heart-Shaped Strawberry Pie

For all the berries lover, don't you just love strawberries? I could eat them each and every day but too bad they're so expensive in Malaysia. Apart from tasting simply delicious or for decorating purposes, strawberries as well have beneficial effects on our health. So if it isn't just for the enjoyment itself, it score highest nutrient in most of the fruits. Hence, whenever I see it selling on supermarket's rack, I do not hesitate to buy it.

The recipe is quite similar to my previous post Pâte sucrée (French sweet pastry) - Strawberry tart except its shape and cream. I am using the first cream to match with strawberry this round. Best served with cafe latte, its bitterness match with strawberries sweetness.

Based on this bake, this heart-shaped crust is much more difficult to shape it if compare to the basic tart shape. See the closeup of half heart-shaped Strawberry Pie below and enjoy...

I am submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #10: Easy as Pie (August 2011), hosted by Janine of Not the Kitchen Sink!"


First of all was happy to find ur blog and even happier to find a heart shaped pie coz i love baking all things heart shaped truly :-)))
Janine said…
looks good! :D
Waileng Tan said…
Yummy! By the way, how long usually would pastries last? I know it's best consumed fresh. But sometimes I like to make for others but reluctant cos can't last minute bake due to time constrains.
Hankerie said…
@♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ : Love your comments. I also fond of love shape stuffs. May I know how do you find my blog?

@Janine: Thanks. I'm thinking hard to make the pies/tarts this month. Another one coming soon.

@Waileng: Usually, if you put on the fresh fruits on the tart, it only last 3 days for best consumption. To avoid soggy, you can use one chocolate coating on top of tart. Alternatively, you can just bake the tarts, freeze it until the time you would like to serve, put fruits inside tart with cream.
Such a sweet heart looking pie.  I bet it's refreshing with the presence of fresh berries in it. Very nice!
Hankerie said…
@ Honey Bee Sweets: Thanks, indeed refreshing when matching with fresh fruits.