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Blue Chiffon Cake?

Chiffon Cake is my favourite cake among all the cake series. That's why I always use this chiffon cake method to apply to swiss roll as well in order to make it more spongy and soft. After my new creation of 3D blue blossom swiss roll which posted a while back, indeed it is my most popular post entries in my blog.

With the same believe, I tried to use the blue pea flowers to dye my chiffon cake into blue but unfortunately it did not fulfill my right expectation. It becomes green at the point when mixed with the batter. From this, knowing that natural color differs from food colouring whereas food coloring will not get changed at all. To remedy this situation as I do not want it to become "Pandan Chiffon Cake", I combined 2 colours in the chiffon cake which makes it more unique. The bottom layer is filled with Van Houten cocoa flavour.

Enjoy with a cup of milo :)


Janine said…
I think your end result looks pretty good even though it wasn't blue! I tried using blue coloring before and when I used a little, the batter turned out green as well, so I guess maybe you didn't use enough blue flowers? I'm not too sure though. Love the idea of two flavored cake!
Hankerie said…
Dear Janine, is it? I do not know that blue colour food colouring will turned out green as well. I've tried to used quite a lot of blue flowers; but once it turns green, it never turn blue again no matter how many you add in.

Thanks for loving this two flavoured cake :)
Waileng Tan said…
Han Ker, I think this is the chemistry part that we all forget sometimes. Original chiffon is yellow because of the butter right? Blue pea flowers... well blue right? Yellow plus blue equals green. So technically, we'll never quite get that blue hue in baking. I was told it's only certain cooking that allows the blue to stand out if there's no other ingredients (butter) to "discolor" it.