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"Mad" about Macarons - Successful!

You might have noticed that I've tried several times of making macarons ("Mad about Macarons - Part 1 & Part 2 in my previous blog posts. This time, I've made it successfully in the end. I was in cloud nine when I saw the feet developed gradually after 5 minutes baking in the oven. Nicely feet developed as well as no crack at all, satisfied achievement. 

In order to reduce the sweetness of macaron, I made the sour taste lemon filling to match with my green tea flavour macarons. Enjoy these airy sweet treats with a cup of TWG Earl Grey tea; such a wonderful high tea combination. 


ann low said…
Good job! I'm always putting off to make macarons because of the sweetness. Must try your recipe one day for sure. Thanks for sharing.
Hankerie said…
@ Ann: In fact, I also do not like sweet stuff. You may try this as I purposely put the lemon filling to make it sourish.
Waileng Tan said…
Han Ker, if you really open a cafe of your own, I'm sure these will fly off the rack!
Anonymous said…
Dear HK... so envious of ur macaroons! I hope to be successful in my attempt to make macaroons soon! - Liz
Hankerie said…
@ Liz: Dear, sure np. I will share my precious experiences during our meet later. I believe you can do it successfully too. Have faith!