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{Valentine Special} Edible Sugar Roses

Believe it or not? These are the real edible roses which is not only for decorating the cakes on this Valentine but also for any wedding/birthday cake. I have spent few hours to just finish these adorable roses (1 hour per rose with full concentration.). This is my special mission for one of my Hankerie's fan. She is using these flowers to decorate her cake for her mum's birthday. How sweet is she!

Undeniably, roses are always the main character of Valentine's Day especially the Red one! This is the wonderful idea for decorating your Valentine's cake. These fondant roses harden up and are less fragile than royal icing flowers. They do take a little bit longer than icing roses, but the end result is wonderful.   This first time may take longer. Once you get a hold of it, you will be making these roses a bunch at a time.  They are worth it. Not to mention they do last longer.

Hankerie's handmade edible FAT red roses, which is my husband's favourite. He thinks that this fat rose looks much cuter than the thinner one.

Recently I've addicted to do sugar flowers, more to come in my upcoming blog posts soon. Here is some of my secret ....

Tutorial on how to make fondant rose
  1. Ready made fondant or make your own
  2. Red colour 
  3. Cookie cutter (flower shape)
  4. Fondant tools
Tutorial : Method

Step 1: Roll the fondant to be a 1/4 inch thick (use wood rods when rolling to mark the thickness).

Step 2: Use smallest flower cutter and cut your 1/4 inch thick fondant.  Each cutout will be the amount used to create the fondant centers.

Step 3: Roll fondant cutout into a ball.

Step 4: Roll it with fingertips to form a cone as show below:

Step 5: Make sure this cone center is as long as the width of one petal from large flower cutter.

Step 6: Wrap it with the petal one by one and complete into rose.

Step 7: Ready for any cake decoration.

Hope to see your participation soon :)


PPoppy said…
Oh ! they look so cute :x I ll steal you one !
Quay Po Cooks said…
Nice red rose. I must ask my Quay Lo to buy me edible rose from now on. hehe BTW, can you please let me have your address again? Something happened to my mac last week and I lost some folders and the one with all my blogger friends' included. Once I get your address, I will post the CD to you. thanks.
Hankerie said…
@ Poppy: Thanks. I will give you one, don't need to steal :P

@ Quay Po: Haha, good idea to buy those edible roses as can be used for decorating the cakes later on too. I will send you my address again. Thanks.
Unknown said…
Hi do you make the roses and send them in the mail??