Baby Shower Cupcakes - Part I

This is Hankerie's first Baby Shower theme Cupcakes order in Brisbane here. There are 2 different batches; part I is representing the white roses swirl with mini baby shower topping while part 2 is purely fondant designed cupcakes. The ideas came freely on top of my head, without any drawing or sketches done beforehand this round.

The baby sex is unknown yet, hence I decided to use the generic colour - light yellow to be part of my cupcake theme colour. Some closeup design as below:

The rainbow

The small duckling

    A pair of baby booties

    Blend 1 punnet of fresh raspberries into puree

    Mini Lady bird

    Stay tune for the unique design tomorrow - part II.


    Superb cup cakes. Hope i need to do the same for mine next month! Baby Shower Messages

    Aww, these are cute cupcakes! We are planning a baby shower for our friend and it's gonna be a Pink Party because it's a girl! So as expected, we are looking for girly stuffs like ribbons, headbands, girls hats, etc and everything should be in pink. Oh, I'm so excited, I'm sure it will be lovely party!

    Yeah, these are definitely nice give away for a baby shower. Such cute and yummy little treats.

    Welcome to Hankerie!

    Adding Life to Food.

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