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{Valentine's heart} Heart-shaped Swiss Roll

Happy Valentine's day!!! Love is in the air everywhere now but I am having a Long-Distance Valentine's Day today. Hence, I made these valentine's heart for myself, sounds sad huh! In fact, these heart-shaped swiss roll made me feel better in a way. It's the toughest swiss roll I ever made, which is much more difficult than those of my usual drawing swiss roll. To make it into heart shape with free hand, imagine that I am not using any heart shape mold or so on.

To invent something new, I'm using remaining pure fresh raspberries, blend into puree to make the swiss roll cake part, whipped some fresh cream and wrap with some fresh strawberries. Here you go, the complete fresh mix berries swiss roll with heart-shaped! Totally, all are natural colours.

The close out of one of the heart-shaped mixed berries swiss roll

    Blend 1 punnet of fresh raspberries into puree

    Baked the swiss roll cake, you may still see the raspberries seeds in the cake part.

    Wash and cut the fresh strawberries into half, lay 2 rows on top of the whipped cream. Put into the fridge and  let the shape set for few hours. Ready to serve.

    Hope to see your participation soon in this month challenge.


    Janine said…
    this is such a beautiful creation - i would love to have this for vday!
    Wen said…
    This is cool! Hope you have a good Valentine day celebration!
    Hankerie said…
    @ Janine & Wen: Thank you so much. Your comments really make my day even though I celebrate my V-Day alone.
    Anonymous said…

    I got the idea to make a swiss roll in the shape of a heart, but i couldn't figure out how can it be done. Then i thought the internet probably will help me out here, but your roll (which by the way looks very yummy:D)is the only one i have found, and yet i'm not a single step closer...i don't undrstand how you gave this shape to the cake. Would you be so kind and explain it to me?
    Hankerie said…
    Hi, Zsófi,

    Thanks for the compliments. The tips here is to roll the shape while it's still not completely cold. Shape it and then tie it tightly with baking paper. Put into the fridge and sustain the shape. Hope this help.