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{Result} Natural Colour Bakes Event

To all foodies/bloggers,

Hankerie's September Event has been closed. I've received these 37 wonderful Natural Colour bakes entries, see here. Here is the result (Exclude myself), the most likes entry is Wendy's Flower Cake & the most views entry is Anncoo's Green Tea Mooncake. Congrats to both.

Do check out my October's new event - "Halloween Party" until 31st October 2011, hope to see your active participation too!


ann low said…
Thanks Han Ker for hosting this event :)
Hankerie said…
Congrats, Ann!! You deserve it! Check my October event, and I hope see your creative bakes again :)
Lala said…
Thanks for creating the platform for us to share and learn from each other! p.s. I finally managed to succeed in my carrot bread :)
lena said…
thanks for giving us the opportunity to participate and share in the event.
Hankerie said…
@ Lala & Lena : Thanks. I really hope this kind of event can give plenty of ideas for baking. Glad that we all are learning together from each other.
Edith said…
Hi Hankerie, how do I view each individual submission? When I clicked on the template, it doesn't allow me to stroll down.

Thanks for organising.