Angry Birds Seasons: Female Red Bird Birthday Cake

This is the continue post from my blog yesterday - "1st Ever Angry Birds Birthday Cake". Sophie's 2nd Birthday cake for her birthday celebration in the nursery center. Definitely, she has caught plenty of attention for having 2 big birthday cakes within 2 days time, envy her indeed!

For her 2nd Birthday cake order, I've changed some of the design of this cake, surround it with my handmade icing flowers instead of the ribbon. With the theme of Angry Birds Seasons, I've used most of my time to decorate the most difficult figure - Female Red Bird especially the part of her eyelashes, thinner eyebrows,and wears a yellow bow on the top of her head.

The overview of the designer cake, 3 pigs VS 3 Angry Birds! + eggs !!!
Sophie and her nursery friends getting excited when seeing the birthday cake - photo courtesy from Yvonne.

Close-up of the Green Pig with Mustache - stole Angry Birds' eggs.

The side view of the cake

Mission accomplished!!


the female bird looks very cute! :D

Erm... pink ribbon will be even better... will be more girl'ish and as a support to fight against breast cancer.. LOL

@ Janine: Thanks.

@ BB: Yeah, I also think pink colour ribbon better (but never think across tat breast cancer thingy), but too bad the original female red bird is with yellow ribbon over her head.

OMG! This cake is so colorful and super cute!

@ Quay Po Cooks: Thanks dear!

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@ Anonymous: Thanks. I am thinking to write a creative recipe book soon but I'm still compiling and experiencing more now.

What more can I say its absolutely cute! I like it.


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