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Till we meet again - Bye Miri....

Words are so difficult to express my feelings right now, I'm really miss all my Mirian friends here as they always being here with me in these 3 and half years, be it working, friends outside works or even baking together lately. The most touching part is the card, full of the words from the bottom of their heart for me; I actually feel like crying after reading those. All these wonderful time will be remembered vividly from time to time, it's always my best farewell gift - Memories. I've been went through several farewells dinners/lunches in these 2 week, my feeling start to get stronger day by day.

Today I would like to blog about this as besides having farewell dinner, and I also received these 3 lovely cookbooks from Nurliza, Malati, Daphne, Gary, Diana & Jen (of course with my favourite Angry Birds wrappers too). These cookbooks will be contributed greatly into my Hankerie, definitely I will try these recipes and blog about it in the future. Thanks to them and hope our friendship continues even though distance apart.


Anonymous said…
Did u spot something special at the front cover of the card? Look carefully for it. Hint: Memory of our meetings hehe... - Liz
Anonymous said…
Lovely HK, u r indeed a great pal to us all. Will miss u ~ Malati
HomeKreation said…
Take care my dear & hope we'll meet again. All the best & hope your dream comes true. Also many thanks for your hard work and dedication to support us in the past. Most of all thanks for the friendship....Roz
Hankerie said…
@ Liz, Malati & Roz: Thanks all, my beloved Miri friends. Miss you all. - Greetings from Brisbane