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Halloween Frankenstein

This is my 4th day NZ Zespri kiwi challenge. Today's challenge call it Fun learning, whereby I did learn on Zespri Green kiwifruit fact. At first, I really thought Kiwi is full of Vitamin C, but also it is full of actinidin (an enzyme that helps with protein digestion) and fiber. They are essential to help promote healthy digestive system. 

Well, put learning aside, I want to make it to appear to be fun too (not saying that their current hairy look is ugly)! I am glad that  I found an idea to transform this healthy kiwifruits into Frankenstein, it is not only easy to make but also absolutely healthier snack for Halloween Party. This will definitely bring WOW factor to your guest :)

Kids, they're sure loving them too. All these are edible and let's have fun in making them together with your kids.

Here is how Hankerie make the dull looking green kiwi into fantastic Frankenstein for Halloween


1 green kiwi fruits
few coloured fondant icing
Edible Black ink pen

  1. Trim one bottom side of the green kiwifruit.
  2. Peel the skin off at the side that you want the squarish part as front.
  3. Cut off both side to look more squarish.
  4. Stick all the rolled fondant to represent Frankenstein eyes, mouth and ears.
  5. Lastly, use edible pen to draw stitches.
  6. Done for Halloween party!

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