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Healthy Kiwi Cereal for breakfast

For 3rd day kiwi challenge, I need to make my day with a kiwi-rific breakfast. With that in mind,  I've prepared 2 super fast Kiwi fruits recipe for breakfast today. This is the 1st recipe whereby every kids can prepare for their own breakfast too. Rather than eating those dried food in cereal, why not putting full of Vitamin C and fiber kiwifruits in it. It is extremely easy as can be served just less than 2 minutes.

Pour in the milk and we are done. Here is my healthy kiwi cereal.

Here is how I make this easy peasy Healthy Kiwi Cereal for breakfast


1 green kiwifruit
1/3 cup raisin
2 cups of wholemeal cereal/oat flakes

  1. Wash kiwi and peel off the skin. I will share the easiest and fastest way on how to peel of the skin via Youtube later.
  2. Mix all the dry ingredients into bowl.
  3. Pour over the fresh milk and serve.
            For my last year's 14 days kiwi challenges , you may refer to this link "Hankerie's Kiwi project went live & 1st VBlog!!!"  .