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{Restaurant Review: SG} SushiAirways 寿司航空 Sushibar

Enjoying Sushi in the flight? What an unique concept to transform this idea into restaurant! I was honorably being invited to be part of lunch invitees and review the food in this Singapore restaurant. Thanks to Poesy and Kelly for the invitation.

This concept restaurant is located at upstairs of 20a Baghdad Street, Singapore 199659, also between a junction of Bussorah Street. When you look around this area, it's the typical Malay and Indian street, nearby a big mosque and a lot of Indian and Malay boutique shops. You would not expected a modern Japanese food around that area seriously. The window view from the sushibar.

How to get there? I'm not Singaporean, the best transport for me to get there is MRT. It's quite convenient to get yourself on green line MRT, stop at Bugis junction station, exit from exit B, walk towards Raffles Hospital and you will reach Baghdad street. It's around 10 minutes walk to reach at this Sushibar.

Even the staircase of this restaurant also uniquely designed for the customer. It's really metal plated staircase that mimic the flight staircase. Having the real feel for on-boarding the flight. 

Each of the arriving customer will receive this boarding pass, with written your name. It's really close to customer heart on this. Not sure why giving me the feel is Air Asia flight staircase though, perhaps its the red colour of the boarding pass.

Flipping the menu. We've order lunch set for each of us and a large Sashimi platter for sharing. Quite a big deal for the lunch set, it costs SGD15 for a bento which includes a salad, miso and drink, you may top up SGD3 to upgrade your drinks as well.

All the waitress also dress exactly like air stewardess, tie their hair up and with make up. Without looking at window outside, you will definitely think you're onboard a plane but of course without any air turbulence and you do not need to fasten the seat belt.

After ordering, "stewardess" serves us a cup of cool green drink while waiting for food. The first dish is our Japanese sesame sauce salad that comes with the lunch set. The cabbage is fresh and the taste is just nice, but I will suggest to include some carrot to enhance its sweetness taste.

Here are our 4 lunch set foods. I've order udon set. The udon texture is very different from the conventional one, the noodle is thin and soft. The combination of the noodles, seaweed and soup base just perfect. I managed to finish such a big bowl.

#2 set is Chirashi that Poesy ordered. Her feedback on this if the salmon sahsimi cube can be bigger chunk, approximately 1cm just like thumb size, then the chirashi will taste so much nicer.

#3 set is Chicken Katsu that Kelly has ordered. Apparently this dish is highly recommended by an owner of this restaurant. There is another dressing that came later, not able to snap a picture on this. Overall feedback for this is thumbs up.

#4 set is the teriyaki salmon that Eunice ordered. It took quite a while to be served until we hold the large sashimi first. The teriyaki sauce can be less saltier, the taste is still good if eat with rice together.

Before the large Sashimi is served, the friendly chef give us a complimentary snack which is fried mini anchovies. Crunchy with the bites, dip with the mayonnaise to enhance its flavour.

This is the awaiting large sashimi platter. It's nicely decorated with the fresh herbs, ice and flower. Nice plating. We have given some feedback to the chef on this sashimi as well, he will further improve on this dish in the future. Hop over to like this photo at Epicure magazine facebook.

Another complimentary dish from the chef is this dish, I cannot recall the dish name. The uniqueness of this dish is the exotic jelly-liked plant that grow in the mountain. To me, this looks like jelly cactus.

Zoom in for the plant.

Last dish is our Japanese ice cream, comes with the green tea flavour, red bean flavour and black sesame flavour. Ending the lunch with nice and sweet dessert.

More about this SushiAirways 寿司航空 Sushibar, like their Facebook here
Their operating hours is Mon - Sun: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Price: Average
Ambiance: Good
Food: Average
Service: Good


I like they way you capture the pic of the sushi bar. Nice.

Chubby Botak Koala
Hankerie said…
Thanks @Chubby Botak Koala