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I'm 1st Runner-up winner at AFC Foodie Face Off 2013 result

Drum roll.... "1st runner up goes to Hoe Han Ker"

Unbelievable I'm the 1st runner up for this first ever AFC foodie face off that recently held in KL on 29th June 2013 at the cooking house. This is also my 1st live cooking competition after my 2 years writing in blog, as you all know, i'm good at baking but not really in cooking. I was not feeling high hope to get into finalist since this is cooking competition but not baking competition.

I've been lucky enough to be in finalist after 2 rounds of selection, compete from 246 contestant to top 50, and then top 20 in Malaysia. Among all 246 contestants who submit their food photo, the top 50 most votes entries will get the chance to be selected by 5 judges but only limited to 20 contestants to be eligible live cooking. In fact, thanks to all my Hankerie's fans and my family who voted for me, as least I've passed the 1st criteria to be selected as entry to finalist. See my 1st entry that I've submitted - cakemelon.

On 20th June 2013 (also in conjunction with my last day of my project close-out), I received an email from AFC with title "Invitation To The AFC foodie Face-Off 2013!". Yes, I'm being selected as top 20 to be in finalist to cook in live competition. In fact, I was really with mix feeling, happy as I'm selected but worry as I do not know what to cook. The contest mechanics is each participant will need to create two dishes with a 'Raya Celebration' theme :
Dish 1: A main dish
Dish 2: A dish that is created using Kellogg's Corn Flakes

Immediately followed by that weekend, I need to go to market to find my inspiration and the ingredients. These 2 dishes require to be decided before the following Monday as we're asked to submit the list of ingredients before 12pm Monday.

For Dish 1, I initially decided to make pandan chicken but my husband said it's not malay food, it's Nyonya food. Hence I changed my mind into satay chicken but nyonya fusion. For Dish 2, I planned to make pavlova with corn flakes. Baking part always the easiest for me :)

After few round of practicing to capture the accurate timing (1 hour for each dish), I accidentally cut my right hand when rescuing a knife about to fall. Bleeding non stop and I cant have too big movement.

On cooking competition actual day 29th June 2013, I arrived at The Cooking House around 10.20am, there are quite a few participant already on the spot. All the participant requires to sign a terms and condition agreement, getting AFC apron and respective number tag. I'm belongs to group 1 no.6. First group to cook among 10 contestants. The rest of 10 contestants will cook at group 2.

This is my cooking station for my whole day of cooking competition. Everyone of us being asked to check all the ingredients that we required.

Starting with briefing and introduction session to kickstart the cooking competition. The host, 2 judges (Sherson Lian of 5 Rencah 5 Rasa and Anis Nabliah of Icip Icip) basically explained the prizes, rules of the cooking competition.

 The event agenda as below:

10.30am: Registration

11.00am: Briefing and introduction

12.00pm - 1.00pm: Group 1 to prepare Dish #1

2.30pm - 3.30pm: Group 2 to prepare Dish #1 

4.30pm - 5.30pm: Group 1 to prepare Dish #2

6.00pm - 7.00pm: Group 2 to prepare Dish #2

7.30pm: Prize Presentation

8.00pm: Event Ends

In preparing dish 1, it's extremely tough. When Sherson walked around and asked what will I cook, I mentioned "Nyonya fusion celebration satay", he mentioned Nyonya? Not halal wo. I was stunned a while, do not know what did he mean at that point of time. There is one more guy who also making stay for dish 1, but his one is beef indonesian satay, slightly different from mine.

Within 1 hour time, I completed my dish 1 with all the necessary presentation. Hands off and wait for my turn to be judged.

Before both judges taste my food, when my celebration satay just being served. Their reaction is "Phew phew" when seeing my satay in champagne glasses, they are totally impressed with my satay presentation, I did explained my concept and the reason - " I combined nyonya taste into traditionally Malay satay, present in champagne glasses to represent hari raya celebration, pretty good idea to have this especially during Raya party"

Judges' comment on my satay: "Extremely unique taste of the satay, never taste this kind of flavour before at outside, impressed with the food presentation, love the freshness in peanut sauce but a bit runny for my peanut sauce, perhaps not enough time for you"

After 1st dish judging, we are waiting for group 2 to prepare their dish 1. Taking some photo with other contestants. Nice meeting new pretty friends :)

Finally, time to prepare the last dish of the day - my cornflakes pavlova aka white ketupat. The biggest worry for this dish is the baking time as pavlova normally requires long baking time but in low temperature. With the pressure to finish everything in an hour, I need my pavlova to cold down as soon as possible, timing must be very accurate. Luckily all within my expectation, I completed all on time. 

Judges commented on my 2nd dish "Very good pavlova, not too sweet, love the fresh cream. of course impressed again with this presentation"

During the break, taking photo with pretty and hot judge.

Result announced:
1st prize - Connie Chew
2nd prize - Hoe Han Ker
3rd prize - Nicholas Seng
Most creative Kellogg's Most Creative Dish - Nora Ahmed

1st prize: RM 2,000 cash + Nikon Camera D320018 with 55mm kit (RM 2,498) + Tefal Sensorille Range(RM 866)

2nd prize: RM 1,000 cash + Nikon Camera 1 J1 with Double Lens Kit - 10mm, 10-30mm (RM 1,698) + Tefal Rice cooker (RM 379)

3rd prize: RM 500 cash + Nikon Camera Coolpix P330 (RM 1,288) + Tefal Blender Blendforce Maxi Glass (RM 299)

Special category prizes:
RM 500 cash for 'Kellogg's Most Creative Dish'

For more photo, please head to my Hankerie facebook album.



Elaine said…
Congratulations and well done.
Congrats. Well done and keep it up.
Kelly Siew said…
That was a looooooong day! Very nice to meet you though and congratulations again. I too loved your presentation, very creative! I need to work on my plating skills. :D