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Strawberry and Mandarin Orange Macarons

It has been quite a while since I last baked my macarons. If not mistaken, it was at Brisbane (Australia). Finally I decided to make my first batch of macaron in KL.

I am just too tired to make the normal conventional shape of macarons. Out of sudden, strawberry spring into my mind, and here you go. I've made them into strawberry shape and 1 more tangy mandarin orange shape. But they were too cute to eat. 

In fact, during the initial stage, I have to figure out the right combination of factors to work in my favor. Macarons are finicky. You can have too much almond flour, egg white, or sugar. You can whip them too long. Fold them too long and a number of other things including humidity, oven temp and age of your egg whites. Kl time is just too humid! I need to wait up to 1/2 hour before bake my macarons.

Cant wait to taste them

Package these wonderful fruits macaron into box

Tangy mandarin orange macaron

For recipe and method on this macaron, please refer to my previous post "Raspberries Avocado Macarons", omit the avocado.
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Janine said…
very cute strawberries! i can just imagine the amount of work and effort you put in for these macs!