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Fresh Red Dragon Fruit Pandan Swiss Roll

Merry Belated Xmas! This is the late post after the Christmas. Would like to bake something fast, easy, simple and delicious for the guest. Suddenly remind me about the swiss roll :)

I've combined Xmas colour into swiss roll - green and red without using any artificial colouring. Hence, I'm using pure pandan extract as green and fresh red dragon fruits as red (red dragon fruit is the best ingredient to made this colour happen). Glad that it's so convenient to find this fruits in Malaysia. Lastly, roll them into swiss roll, combine for this festive.

Place them on the Christmas theme plate, make them even more festive for this season. Undeniably your guests will love this idea but not only enjoy the delicacy.

Lay these red dragon fruits into rows and roll them into swiss roll

  1. half fresh red dragon fruit (cut into cube)
  2. 2 tsp Pure pandan extract (you may substitute this with 1tsp pandan paste)
  3. Basic swiss roll (refer to my previous post - vanilla swiss roll)
  1. Same method as my previous post - vanilla swiss roll
  2. Replace vanilla extract into pandan extract.
  3. Cut red dragon fruits into small cubes while baking the pandan swiss roll in the oven.
  4. Cool the swiss roll after baked. Lay these cut fruits on top of whipped cream and roll it.
  5. Refrigerate it and ready for serve.