It is NOT burger! It's burger MACARONS!

I have been always obsessed with the idea of other bakes that looks like a burger. I finally got around to making some just in time to celebrate the April's fool event, a typical look burger macarons. Yes, they're macarons, not the burgers!!!

In fact, the macarons that I make always seem to look like little burgers. So instead of fighting my macaron's burger-like quality, I decided to embrace it fully with these whimsical "burger" macarons. I sprinkled some sesame seeds on my macaron shells before baking them so that they would look like burger buns.

These misiature burger macarons are specially make for Erica's baby shower last week. I'm so delighted that she loves this burger macarons the most our of my Garfield and Teddy Bear Macarons.

Hankerie's new adventure of macarons - Burger Macarons

See my previous post of my "It is NOT burger! It's cupcake." idea.

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Amazing. What a talent you are.


Thank you for partecipating to VGR Challenge! your burger is amazing, looks like the real one!

for this burger, i dun think one is enough for me :)

Welcome to Hankerie!

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